Since 2018, I have been trading under the name “Adrian Stephens Consulting”. I have provided expert advice to a number of attorneys engaged in litigation related to WiFi/802.11. I have also provided support for IEEE Standards Education contributing to an online training course for Working Group chairs.

I was IEEE 802.11 Working Group chair for 4 years and vice chair for 6 years before that, supported by Intel Corporation. I was technical editor for two revisions of the IEEE 802.11 standard (published in 2012 and 2016). All told, I worked on IEEE 802.11-related work for 20+ years.

I contributed to the development of IEEE 802.11ac by managing an industry consortium (called Accord) that contributed technology into the IEEE 802.11ac process.

I contributed to the development of IEEE 802.11n in various ways:

  • Led Intel’s internal development of medium access controller (MAC) protocols
  • Co-led an industry consortium called TGnSync that developed a proposal for a complete 802.11n protocol
  • Co-led an industry consortium called the Joint Proposal that merged the TGnSync proposal with the competing WWiSE proposal
  • Acted as Technical Editor for the 802.11n standard
  • Developed software tools to manage the large number of comments received in ballot

Before that, I spent about 20 years as a consultant and software engineer working on projects such as:

  • 802.11 system design
  • Bluetooth design and implementation
  • 802.11 implementation (the first commercial IP in about 1996)
  • Other wireless protocols (HomeRF, HiperLAN)
  • PenPoint debugger port
  • Electrocardiogram and related exercise machines
  • Real time instrumentation, quarry control, factory control
  • Speech synthesis implementation